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Thursday, January 11, 2018



Digital currencies will rise
The Stock market will rise higher than ever before
Alaskan Oil will be released
The National debt will rise
Great prosperity will rise up until the Panic Begins

The Panic will be the final take over of the New World Order which will happen when Donald Trump is no longer in office

The Panic will be a world wide destruction of the economy

Do not trust in pensions and social security and banks

Friday, December 22, 2017

Trump Tax plan 2017 = Economic Doom around 2023 - 2028

Donald trump has cut taxes on corporate to 22% which is a massive payout to the billionaires to steal the wealth of the American people for the sake of the words more jobs. The Tax cut to the wealthy will possible lead to a great crash around 2023 to 2028 if not in a period of war by that time. For those that support trump you must remember he is a billionaire and your are nothing but a slave to men like these. he represents a class of men that will never give to the people but will hoard massive amounts of wealth for themselves and have turned America into the land of corporate dictatorship.
Trump Tax Plan

Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Fall of Hillary Clinton Signals The great crash

Fall of Hillary Clinton Signals The great crash
Years ago i had a dream of running into a warehouse after which time a tornado attacked a woman in a golden hummer with golden hair. The hummer rose above the sky and crashed down to the ground and she died.

After this event another tornado came crashing in a warehouse and attacked me in the same way

The interpretation is clear years past 2010 there will come a time when a woman with golden hair will rise which is Hillary Clinton she will be attacked by a calamity which was the hacking of her servers and her presidential loss she will then be thrown to the ground which is her declining health and possible FBI investigation and she may die after this calamity around 2018 2020.

When Hillary Clinton dies the Economic crash of America will come and attack the people

Hillary Clinton is currently at the top of the path she is about to be thrown down to the ground possible sent to prison then the end of Hillary Clinton is come not soon after she falls the economy will be destroyed in a large crash